Data Quality Certification Training

The most extensive data quality certification today is the International Association for Information Quality’s (IAIDQ) credential called the Information Quality Certified Professional (IQCPTM). DQMatters is proud to offer the most comprehensive and interactive package of web based preparation material. The following is a list of each product used to prepare for the IQCPTM:

  • Gold IQCPTM Package (includes interactive eLearning movies on the following topics), $2000 Courses 1-4 are available today with the rest due out soon: Gold IQCP Package
    1. IQCPTM Framework Overview
      1. Unit 1- IQCPTM Framework Overview
    2. Quality Pioneers
      1. Unit 1- Industrial Quality
      2. Unit 2- Information Quality Pioneers
      3. Unit 3- Deming/English's 14 Points
    3. Ethics in Data Quality
      1. Unit 1- Ethics in Data Quality
    4. Change Management
      1. Unit 1- Change Management and Communication
      2. Unit 2- Working in Teams
    5. Data Governance and Stewardship
    6. DQ Assessment and Measurement
      1. Unit 1- Dimensions of Data Quality
    7. Information Architecture
      1. Categories of Data
      2. Information Life Cycle
    8. Information Cost and Value
    9. Problem Solving and Process Improvement
    10. Sustaining Information Quality Over Time
  • Silver IQCPTM Self Assessment Package, $400
  • Silver IQCP Package
    1. One-on-one coaching from a current IQCPTM holder on how to study for the exam
    2. Evaluation of your readiness to take the exam using ?Know Thy Self tool
    3. IAIDQ’s IQCPTM Study Guide in Excel Format (currently only available on
    4. Analysis of the IQCPTM Study Guide (where to study based on your individual background)
  • IAIDQ’s IQCPTM Study Guide in Excel Format (currently only available on, $50
  • Silver IQCP Package