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Dimensions of Data Quality Course

With the release of the 2015 Whitepaper titled, "We are READY for a Standard Set of Dimensions of Data Quality" about the Dimensions of Data Quality, DQMatters is offering a new course on this topic. This course titled, Introduction to the Dimensions of Data Quality provides step by step instruction about the history and underlying concepts included in the dimensions.

Audience: The following are just a few of the titles of people that would benefit from taking this course: Business leaders who manage analytics teams, data architects, data quality leaders, business analysts, and data scientists.

Outcomes:All roles in your organization that deal with data on a daily basis will benefit from this course because it is geared to help your team:
• Better understand your data and how to manage it
• Improve communication and documentation of poor data quality risks
• Identify and avoid use of biased and unfit data that jeopardizes successful decision making

Are you interested in seeing what topics are covered in this course and review the course conclusion? Watch a snippet of the course here.

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