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IQCP Excel Format Study Guide

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  1. IAIDQ’s IQCPTM Study Guide in Excel Format (currently only available on, $50

For those of you unfamiliar with the IAIDQ copyright IQCPTM study guide, (check it out here) it is in Word/PDF (non-tabular) format which is not optimized for easy filtering, aggregating and appending your own study schedule. One key to success to pass the IQCPTM exam is to know the scope of your objective, so by fully understanding the readings recommended by the IAIDQ you will be confident and successful on the exam. This IAIDQ Copyright Excel version of the study guide contains the same content as the Word version, but with each reading formatted as one row in the Excel tabular version. This allows you to track your reading, (even by date of completion) and select top priority readings based on your background/experience.

As of version 5.5 of this product, you can also group these readings by DQMatters courses and units, allowing you to focus your readings on the eLearning modules you are currently working on. For example, in the following table each DQMatters course is listed and the count of readings per course allows one to organize group study sessions and organize shared reading efforts.

Readings Breakdown by DQMatters course

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The IQCP Study Guide is Copyright © 2011-2014 IAIDQ. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission. Get a detailed explanation of the granularity (PDF) of the Excel version of the study guide and even view a preview (XLSX).