Why should you use our eLearning material in your data quality program?


1. Cost Reduction.


Let's be honest, every dollar counts when budgets are tight and saving a few thousand dollars on the costs of flights, hotel and extras adds up. With eLearning you get the best data quality training in a self-paced environment without the transportation costs.



2. Flexibility of Self-Paced Learning.


We are occupied with many tasks and sometimes learning takes place between meetings, after hours or even on holidays. Employees appreciate the chance to get additional training on their own terms. eLearning provides your organization with the same quality of content on each learner's own terms.

If you, as an individual, are preparing for a certification, you need flexibility to interact with other learners at any time via your computer, tablet or even mobile phone. Our content is all pretested to be mobile friendly.


3. The Data Quality Change Management Challenge.

Leading a change effort is always challenging, but specifically data quality education faces tough questions. Some of the answers to these hurdles can be found in Web-based educational efforts, or simple use of short tutorials to aid communication plans. Here are a few questions that come up and how eLearning provides resources to minimize disruption.


Change Question/Challenge
eLearning Support for Change

Data quality hasn't been an issue in the past, why focus on it now?

  • Short tutorials providing real-world examples of costs incurred due to poor data quality which help start the discussion about need for change
  • Short scenario movies explaining practical ways to control for data validity offer bite sized steps to improvement

Isn't testing meant to catch any data problems?

  • Yes, but data quality issues found during testing have been found to be up to 5 times more costly. Short real-world examples (from your organization) distributed via eLearning movies, can sell the need to be more proactive.

I don't have time to study about DQ, I have production issues to manage.

  • eLearning material is divided into short topical material that can be viewed on many devices, such as a tablet, at home or during lunch. Additionally, the forums encourage lots of discussion around the benefits and challenges, you'll want to know what your co-workers are discussing on these issues in the forum.