ONSITE Services

DQMatters was founded with a focus on eLearning provided to distributed clients around the globe, but we understand that there are situations that require a human touch. You may find that our onsite services are most appropriate when:

  1. You want to instill a sense of Urgency and customize the educational message
  2. You want the DQMatters instructor to understand your culture and use your data during class (we are willing to sign an NDA if needed)
  3. Educational topics include consulting and advisory sessions beyond the scope of what we provide via eLearning classes
  4. You are developing your own in-house eLearning material and need our input during a Data Governance or other type of data-focused kickoff

Typically, DQMatters focuses on enabling your organization and therefore we offer onsite services with a short duration, and then conduct virtual teaching, coaching, advisory hours to complement that. To find out more if there is a fit for your organization email Dan Myers, dan[at]dqmatters(dot)com to set up a time to discuss prospective engagements.