CDDQ Example Metrics

The Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality are composed of the following parts:


The highest level of description is used to broadly categorize observations of quality.

Underlying Concepts:

The second level is used to break out the distinct components of a dimension.


The third level is a metric which quantifies a specific aspect of a concept.


Starting with the release of the 2018 Annual Dimensions of Data Quality report (10/2018), the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality now includes example metrics. One metric per Underlying Concept has been provided, with the goal to add more over time- based on your contributions. Please send additional examples to the CDDQ steward, Dan Myers, via email dan[at]dqmatters[dot]com.

The Metrics release (5) is available for download in CSV format:

Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality Example Metrics Download

Please provide feedback directly to Dan Myers (email above) or start a discussion on LinkedIn via the CDDQ Group.