Information Quality Framework (from legacy organization, IAIDQ/IQ International) Overview by Dan Myers

Download the Framework here

This is an overview of the International Association for Information and Data Quality's (IAIDQ) Information Quality Framework. This was created by IAIDQ (later renamed IQ International) for the Information Quality Certified Professional (IQCP) designation. This is a high-level explanation of each of the domains and associated tasks. The framework (download link above) is composed of 6 domains of activities/tasks that an organization undertakes. There are up to 6 tasks (rows) per domain forming a table.

Although the sequence of tasks was not required (which arguably could have made this a methodology, rather than a framework), some have espoused a logical order. Dan Myers has a view point on this given implementation experience at large corporations in the US and Australia, and its use during data quality training. The framework was also formed to ensure that the scope of the IQCP training was comprehensive and effective.