Survey Privacy Policy

The following provides an explanation about what data is collected during this survey and how it will be used. If you have additional questions, please direct them to Dan Myers,

Purpose of Data Collection: The data collected in this survey is used to evaluate the changes in data quality trends over time, so analysis of the current year’s data and prior year’s data is compared, and aggregate charts, tables and other illustrations are prepared for an annual report. Some of the data is used to identify the current year’s respondents so that they can be informed about similar future surveys (not limited to this specific survey). Respondents who elect to share their contact information may be contacted via email and asked if they’d like to be interviewed for the report. Quotes from their interview may or may not be used in the report and only if they are, will they be informed (by email) that their quote will be used prior to publication.

Do I have to provide my name: The first part of the survey is anonymous (sections “About You” and “Dimensions of Data Quality”. The second section contains opt-in respondent specific data collection (section “Digging Deeper for Insight”), see Data Collected section below for the list of fields.

Who will have access to the information: Survey Authors (Dan Myers (DQMatters) and up to two additional collaborators). The data is never shared with any 3rd parties or sold. 

Data Location: Data will reside only on the (survey tool) and then the survey author’s PC/cloud storage during analysis and publication.

Data Retention: The atomic data collected in this survey will be retained for analysis for 5 years and then deleted and only aggregate data will be retained for trend analysis. (e.g. respondent name, email, company name will only be used for 5 years and then aggregate grouping of answers- like count of respondents by dimension of data quality- will be retained.

 List of data collected and how it will be used:

Data Collected in SurveyHow it will be used
IP Address and Company NameUsed in to ensure that only one survey is submitted per person per company
Company Name and Respondent First/Last NameUsed to align answers year over year regarding DQ progress (changes in DQ over time). Personalized company specific report available to respondent upon request.
Email address (work and personal)

1.     Used to contact the individual the following survey period to solicit survey response

2.     Used to invite respondents to be interviewed regarding DQ journey at their organization.

Question specific answersEach question answered forms an additional attribute of the dataset collected.


Your Rights:

  1. You have the right to request a copy of your responses, by emailing the author (Dan Myers) via:
  2. You may choose to have your response deleted. Please state that request via email sent to the author (Dan Myers) via:
  3. You may opt-out of receiving future emails, by sending an email stating that after the survey has been submitted (note you will have to enter your contact info in the survey (section 2) and it will be removed later upon request.
  4. In case of data breach:
    1. If detected, the data exposed during the breach reported to the appropriate authorities within 72 hours.
    2. If detected that the security of user data is put at risk, then the affected or potentially affected users will be informed within 72 hours by email provided during the survey.